19 April 2019

Mediterranea Saving Humans: exclusive document on communications between Italy and the so-called “Libyan coast guard”

Mediterranearescue.org – The following are recordings of some telephone calls between 18 and 19 March, of the general command of the harbor authorities – operations room – of Rome (IMRCC), an Italian military ship, stationed in Tripoli, engaged in the bilateral mission between Italy and Libya called “Nauras” (logistic and maintenance support), and the so-called “Libyan coast guard”.

These and other materials were handed over to the Court of Agrigento, as results of the investigative activities carried out to defend us from the accusations against us following the sea rescue of 50 people carried out in international waters over 40 miles from the Libyan coast, on 18 March 2019.

The content of these phone calls brings up many thoughts for everyone and puts into question the role our country plays in the central Mediterranean regarding  research management and sea rescue.

Translation: Catherine Scholz

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