29 July 2019

Gregoretti: we request the immediate landing for the migrants rescued by the coast guard

Press release – After the recent incidents surrounding the NGOs Sea Watch and Mediterranea, we are currently witnessing the umpteenth illegal proceeding of the government – the victims are 130 castaways rescued by the Italian coast guard.

A year ago, 150 persons were detained on board of the Diciotti per decree of the Minister of the Interior Salvini, making him guilty of severe legal infringements. It was only thanks to a vote in the senate declining further investigation that the interior minister managed to avoid criminal prosecution. With regard to the immunity of ministers however there remain severe doubts concerning the constitutional legitimacy of this procedure as per Constitutional Law 1/1989 of the Italian constitution.

In contrast to the case Diciotti, the Gregoretti lays at anchor inside the port of Augusta, inside the restricted military area. In this way civil society and journalists are being denied access and the events hidden from sight.

Currently parliament is approving the conversion of Salvini’s Security Decree into a law aimed at criminalizing rescue at sea. It is thereby witnessing one of the institution’s darkest hours. Meanwhile, the government is abstaining from meetings with other members of the European Union. Instead, to satisfy its racist and xenophobic electorate, it is harassing particularly vulnerable people and diverting public opinion away from its failures and scandals. And all of this is happening while in the Mediterranean the highest mortality rate ever is being recorded.

We are asking ourselves how it can be possible that such an abuse of institutions, such a grave disregard of our constitutional principles and international treaties continues to be tolerated. We are asking ourselves how it can be possible that Italy and the rest of Europe can be responsible for such a never-ending catastrophe. All of this is absolutely intolerable.

Just now it has been decreed that 16 unaccompanied minors are allowed to disembark the ship.

We demand that everyone, unconditionally and immediately, is allowed to disembark.

Catania, 29.07.2019

Borderline Sicilia

Rete Antirazzista Catanese


Translated by Christian Lamp

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